M. Trudel gallery

The Gilles Villeneuve Museum site is proposing a series of original artwork from Martin Trudel in recognition of Gilles great moments. Martin made himself a name last year by realizing an original cartoon for every race of the Formula One season that were seen on the RDS network here in Quebec.

Following many requests to publish his work on the net, we made an agreement with Mr. Trudel to incorporate a new Gallery in this site. 

The texts describing each cartoon are from Eric Legault, a good old friend of Martin Trudel. Eric got interested in Formula One in 1978 with Gilles Villeneuve entry in the big circus and became a passionnate after Gilles accident in Zolder in 1982. Naturally he is now a huge fan of Jacques Villeneuve and, as his idol, loves to race on the Grand Prix II computer game.

July 16, 1977
Gilles very first Formula One race was with the MacLaren number 40 in Silverstone, England. He was running in fourth place when a faulty gage took him back to the pits taking any chance of championship points away from him.
15jan.jpg (68604 bytes)
January 15, 1978
Buenos Aires, Argentina 1978. This is the first GP of the season and Gilles first race of a complete season with Ferrari. He will score no points during this race but gets top honor for fastest lap in 1:49,79
2avr.jpg (48356 bytes)
April 2, 1978
Long Beach, California 1978. While leading the race, Gilles is about to lap a slower car driven by Regazzoni. Wanting to overake him in a tight curve, the two cars collided and Gilles ends his race in the tires.
21mai.jpg (83454 bytes)
May 21, 1978
While the Lotus of Andretti and Peterson are dominating the Belgium Grand Prix, Gilles is following his teammate Reutemann and finishes in fourth position and earning his first 3 championship points in Zolder, a circuit that will not always be so good to him... as we know...
8oct.jpg (60962 bytes)
October 8, 1978
The last Grand-Prix of the 1978 season is raced in Montreal. Gilles is in second position for a good portion of the race. On lap 49, Jean-Pierre Jarier who is leading the race at this point comes in the pits to stay! Gilles takes over the lead of the race and wins his first Formula One race in front of his hometown crowd. A great moment for all Canadians.
3mars.jpg (51039 bytes)
March 3, 1979
Kyalami, South Africa 1979. Gilles has more than just a heavy foot. Taking the decision to start the race on rain tires against the will of his pit crew, he takes a comfortable lead on his teammate Scheckter who elected to start on slicks, changes to slicks later and wins the race in front of Scheckter home fans.
1avr.jpg (60244 bytes)
April 1, 1979
Long Beach, California, the perfect weekend for Gilles! He is on pole position for the first time of his career, gets fastest lap of the race and wins the event. Schekter and Jones, are distant second and third. This victory pulls Gilles ahead in the F-1 championship with 20 points, 2 more than Jacques Laffite
1juil79.jpg (77470 bytes)
July 1, 1979
It should be easy to remember the French Grand Prix of 1979 at Dijon, France for the first victory of a turbo-charged engine aboard a Renault driven by Jean-Pierre Jabouille. This victory was almost overridden by the fantastic challenge for second position between Gilles Villeneuve and René Arnoux. For the last three laps of the race, they passed one another, they pushed and shoved, even touched, for a grandiose spectacle never repeated since. For history`s sake, remember that Gilles finished second...
26aou79.jpg (61087 bytes)
August 26, 1979
Zandvoort, Netherlands. Because of a blown rear left tire, Gilles looses his Ferrari in the famous Tarzan corner. He gets back on track, makes it to the pits for a tire change, one small problem, he only has three wheels left after riding too long on the rim...Spectacular Gilles!
9sept79.jpg (69898 bytes)
September 9, 1979
During the Italian Grand Prix held in Monza in 1979, Gilles was very loyal to the team right to the end. Even if he was faster, Gilles stayed behind in 2nd place and even helped protecting his teammate Scheckter victory and FIA Championship.
30sept79.jpg (57841 bytes)
September 30, 1979
The Canadian Grand Prix will be remembered as the best confrontation ever between Gilles and Alan Jones. Gilles was faster at the start and pulled ahead followed closely by Jones who overtook him in the airpin on lap 50. Gilles did not abandon the race, he was litterally glued to Jones to the end of the race. He was less than one second behind the winner at the checkered flag.
January 26, 1980
In 1980, The Ferrari is not a very performing race car. Gilles even called his 312T5 a "garbage can". Nonetheless, he will qualify third on the grid at the Brazilian GP.
27sept.jpg (57080 bytes)
September 27, 1981
Montreal 1981. The front wing damaged during a collision with another racer is considerably blocking his view in the rain. A couple of laps later, just before being black flagged, the broken part flies away from the Ferrari nearly taking Gilles head off and he finishes the race on the podium in third place in a demonstration of his reat abilities, no matter what...