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December 08 2006


Gilles-Villeneuve Museum
The return of our interior karting championship

The Gilles-Villeneuve Museum is proud to announce the return of our popular interior karting championship.

This 3rd edition will regroup 5 races that will be held between Quebec City (Laverdure Extreme) and Montreal (Kart-O-Mania)

Action Time

The2006 championship gave us some battle. The grand winner, M. Paul Heng from Montreal, was crowned at the last race.

Under the expert supervision of M. François Habel, this championship honour a winner at every race and in each of the 4 categories : expert, semi-pro, inter and beginners. Every race count 50 laps and pilots have to qualify before to determine their personal category.

Inscription fees are 85$ per race. Pilots that which to attend all five races can register at the beginning of the season and will only pay for 4. But you can also participate, just for the fun of it, at only 2 races if you which.

On top of living a passionate championship season to you can follow through our website at, participants help this way to finance the numerous activities and legacy of the museum.

In memory of Gilles Villeneuve and for the love of karting...

To reserve your place, call 1-800-639-0103 or email to

Places are limited to 44 drivers per race so hurry !


November 30 2006

New exposition at the Museum this winter

Meeting of two passionate !

The Gilles-Villeneuve Museum, with the coming of winter, is announcing the presentation of a special exposition on snowmobile competitions.  After all, the history of the Villeneuve family, Gilles and his brother Jacques, did begin on ice and snow.

On top of it’s permanent section dedicated to the illustrious career of the Villeneuve’s brothers and there snowmobile careers, the museum, located in proximity of Highway 40, in Berthierville, is allowing some space to present pieces from an other passionate, M. Sylvain Bellavance from Lambton, Quebec.

Visitors can admire until spring 2007 snowmobiles that participated in different competitions in the 70’s.  The ZZ Artic cat 76 with an engine of 400cc liquid cooling share the spotlight with a Sno Pro Artic Cat 76, a Bombardier TNT 74 driven by a 340cc engine and even an El Tigre 74.



A visit from Jacques …

Owner, with his long life partner Lucie Gilbert, of those magnificent antique snowmobiles loaned to the museum for this exposition,  Sylvain is a real passionate.  A few days ago, while passing by the museum, we organised him a meeting with Jacques Villeneuve.

You can imagine what those two guys talked about during this short meeting.

``Since I was 10 years old, I always was hooked on snowmobile. Young, I was reading everything concerning them.  But I really became a fan when those Villeneuve,s brothers started to compete successfully, they became my idols`` said the collector.

Sylvain Bellavance started competing in 1974, in ``Super Stock`` modified class in Montreal. He drove then Yamaha snowmobiles.  Today, he assist to lots of competition every winter… and purchase special racing snowmobiles.  It’s his new passion.  He buys old models and restores them.  Only a few of his collection is on display at the museum.

This thematic presentation is completed by the permanent section ``Snow Racing``` at the museum were you could admire an Alouette 73 owned by Gilles Villeneuve with which he won the World Championship.  Also an F1 snowmobile of brother Jacques is a rare attraction.  An several trophies and souvenirs ill concluded your experience.

On an actual note, Jacques Villeneuve is preparing for the 2007 snowmobile racing season.  He will try to defend his Champion Title at the Eastern Sno Pro series.  At 53 … not bad.

This new exposition (already opened) is the stating point of several special activities for the sad 25th anniversary of Gilles Villeneuve passing under a common theme ``Salut Gilles``.

The Gilles-Villeneuve Museum and it’s souvenir’s boutique is open 7 days a week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  For info call (450) 836-2714 or 1-800-639-0103 or visit our website at

November 8 2006

The Annual Museum Banquet
An Evening of Emotions and Success

The 12th edition of the annual benefit banquet for the Gilles-Villeneuve museum, presented by Auto Art Canada and Simulation F1 Cockpit, was held in St-Leonard on Tuesday, November 7th.

Click on thumbnail to view a larger pictureCo-presided by doctors Jacques Bouchard and Ronald Denis, official medical team in charge at the Canadian Grand Prix since 1978, and hosted by journalist René Fagnan, this magical evening benefited the museum with more than $ 18,000 collected to perpetuate the museum ideology of Gilles Villeneuve`s memory.  Joan Villeneuve (spouse of the beloved pilot) and Jacques Villeneuve (brother to the legendary pilot and great driver of his own) figured among the list of honourees. 

Several other personalities for the world of racing were presents that night.  Didier Scrarenen entertained the crowd during the auction of souvenirs.  But the star of the night was Bruno Spengler, vice-champion of the 2006 DTM series, who charmed everyone during his interview.  Also present, Andrew Ranger took a short stop between two races, Bertrand Godin and Maxime Pelletier to name only those. 

Soon 25 years …. 

The 250 invitees present at Buffet Roma learned that the Gilles-Villeneuve museum is preparing several activities to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the tragic death of Gilles.  ``We don’t wish to remember his passing away on May the 8th 1982 in Belgium but more to reminisce all the exploits of this amazing pilot from Berthierville`` said Alain Bellehumeur, general manager of the museum. 

This activities will be held from May to August 2007 on the theme ``Salut Gilles…déjà 25 ans !``.  Although the majority of events will take place in Berthierville, some will be organised for the Montreal region.  And let’s mentioned that Berthierville`s municipality announced a special activity funding of $ 10,000 for 2007. 

Click on thumbnail to view a larger pictureAs most activities are based on memories, the museum is also turning to the future by sponsoring a young karting pilot on the start of a promising career.  Marc-Antoine Cardin, not even 10 years old, from Sorel-Tracy, will benefit for the next two (2) years from the technical knowledge and contacts of the museum resources.  ``We wish to create opportunities to Marc-Antoine`s family by mixing up with other experience peoples participating on our regular events`` said M. Bellehumeur. 

A Gentleman and a Champion 

Presentation of a DVD featuring some magnificence images and moments of Gilles career mixed with Jean-Pierre Ferland music and lyrics in the background `` un Gentilhomme et un Champion`` was one of the strongest moment of the evening.  The St-Norbert`s composer has agreed to give to the museum this special song written a few years back at the request of Gilles`s father (Seville), his piano accorder.  This DVD realised by was a sampling on what to expect in 2007 and will be available to purchase next spring.

Finally, Michel Flageole, president of the board of the museum, has also honoured the implication of ``Fenetres Magistral`` for it’s strong implication in 2006 with the organisation of the Annual Car Rallye of the museum.  Stephan Charron accepted the plaque.  `` Companies which goes further to help deserve our thanks`` concluded M. Flageole.

October 30 2006

2007 will be very important for the Museum as we will be honouring the 25th anniversary, on May the 8th, of Gilles Villeneuve's tragic death.

source: Gilles-Villeneuve Museum

Many activities will commemorate the feats of the regretted motor racing champion.

A lot of projects are planned, including the « Next Generation driver»

In this special year, the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum which retells the past wants also to go toward to the future in helping a young karting driver.

The museum and its team are going to back up Marc-Antoine Cardin, from Sorel-Tracy, during the 2007 and 2008 seasons. This young driver which will be only 10 years old on November 17, will already be in his third year of karting, in category « cadet ».

This partnership was announced during the evening dinner concluding the Karting Championship season 2006 in Quebec City last Saturday.

Combative, determine and passionate, Marc-Antoine finished two times on the podium in his first year (2005) and finished second at the Coupe de Montreal championship. In 2006, on his second season, Marc-Antoine continued its great work.

He attained his objective, ending at the top of the drivers list in his category at the Coupe de Montreal, and finished third at the Coupe de l' Est and at the Quebec's championship...

Working with a small but determined team (M.A.C. Racing), Marc-Antoine has on the help of his family. His father Marc do the mechanics, bring the founds, is responsible for marketing... and way more. His mother Maryse (Editor and Photograph) and his sister Catherine complete the team and support the young driver.

It is in this context where « the desire » of those passionate is way higher than « their means » that the Gilles-Villeneuve museum took Marc-Antoine as « Next generation driver » for next 2 years.

Our objectives are to help this young driver with our expertise in found raising, marketing, public relations, technical help, etc... The museum's web site ( ) will also be linked with Marc-Antoine's.

The new Museum's driver will be invited to all our activities where he will have the opportunity to meet motor racing people... and who knows maybe future partners. In return, Marc-Antoine will wear the museum's logo on his suit and the museum's team will follow his progression through 2007.

« We are happy to bring our support to Marc-Antoire in 2007. The museum is already strongly implicated at the karting level with the karting summer camps. This association with Marc-Antoine is a normal continuation of the actions already started. We hope to develop this new support program to young drivers in the future », said the museum's General Manager Alain Bellehumeur.

September 12 2006

Gilles Villeneuve autograph at the Auction
Annual Museum’s Banquet: November 7... in St-Leonard

The annual benefit banquet of the Gilles-Villeneuve museum has become a great tradition. The next edition will regroup motor racing fans, Tuesday November 7, in Saint-Leonard.

More than 250 motor racing fans come at this event. For the museum, this banquet is the most important found raising event every year. The total amounts received in this event help the management and volunteers to pursue their mission, which is to perpetuate the memory of Gilles Villeneuve, through the years and generations.

A Gilles’ signature at the Auction.

During this event, an auction allows racing fans to bid on many collection items linked to the racing world. Many of those items are signed by real stars of the motor racing : Fernando Alonso, Kimi Räikkönen, Michael Shumacher, Jacques Villeneuve, Alex Tagliani, Andrew Ranger...

The most important piece will be a fabulous framed picture of the legendary Gilles Villeneuve. A picture taken during the 1978 Grand Prix du Canada. A souvenir of the very first victory of Gilles Villeneuve in F1... with his original signature !

The 2006 banquet will have for co-president the chief doctors of the Gilles-Villeneuve track, Doctors Jacques Bouchard and Ronald Denis, working at the Gilles-Villeneuve track since 1978!

The museum’s direction will announce also during this important event the new program : “ Salut Gilles... Déja 25 ans!” or if you prefer “ Hi Gilles... already 25 years”. Effectively, the museum will commemorate from May to June, the legendary driver death 25th anniversary.

Many activities are planned. “During this anniversary, we want to show mostly the fabulous driver that was Gilles Villeneuve, instead of the accident that deprives him. We will talk about his exploits, his enormous talent and his incredible charisma. Gilles Villeneuve was an exceptional driver. His desire to win still lives, 25 years after his death, within everyone, an example to follow...”, said Museum’s General Manager Alain Bellehumeur.

Last year, near 250 people assisted at the banquet, in which regroup many motor racing personalities such as Joan Villeneuve, Jacques Villeneuve, brother of Gilles, Gino Rosato, from the Scuderia Ferrari, Bruno Giacomelli, ex-F1 driver and friend of Gilles...

The tickets will soon be available, for $112. It is already possible to reserve your places. To do this, you need to join the museum’s team at the 450-836-2714 or 1-800-639-0103. Information on the 2006 Banquet will be soon on line at the

September 4 2006

Karting Summer Camps with Jacques Villeneuve
A Big Success !

The sixth edition of the Karting Summer Camps presented by the Gilles-Villeneuve museum was a complete success in July and August. 46 youngsters from everywhere in Quebec (and even a boy from Switzerland took part to one camp) benefited from the precious advises of the veteran driver Jacques Villeneuve.

In charge of the sessions, Jacques trains the young participants as much on track than in theory classroom. Never those teens had an experimented teacher in motor racing like him. « I like to share my experience with youngsters. They listen, want to improve. Between the beginning and the end of the camp, some kids drive 10 seconds faster by lap... » said the Saint-Cuthbert driver.

Great Collaboration

For the museum’s director, Alain Bellehumeur, that great contribution from Jacques Villeneuve make this museum’s activity very unique. « Jacques don’t only talk to the participants, he totally invest himself in their formation. He is on the track with them, try to help everyone, stay longer with the ones who need more explanations and push the others who learn more easily. his happiness contribute to the camps success that lead the teens in their intensive karting. It is certainly why some participants come back each year ».

Each Karting Camps contributes a lot in the museum’s mission, which is to perpetuate the legendary Berthierville driver’s memory through the years and the generations. « While visiting the museum and being with Jacques Villeneuve, the participants discover who was Gilles Villeneuve, and learn about his incredible career », added Alain Bellehumeur.

A Fund Raising

Furthermore, it is a fund raising for the museum’s foundation. Those camps benefit from the contribution of important partners: Jacques Villeneuve’s sponsor, Wasteco Company from Toronto, gives trophies and medals. Berthierville Days Inn lodges the participants and restaurants McDonald’s and Mikes’ Guy Lafleur offers meals to the future drivers. Karting Pointe-du-Lac is also an important partner. Stéréo Plus offers DVD and CD showing the participants performances. There is the contribution of Savico, a Berthierville enterprise and Garage René Coulombe, neighbour of the museum, and ex-mechanic of Jacques Villeneuve...

To all those enterprises that help the museum and its Summer Camps, Thank You!

The museum’s team already plan the 2007 camps. « We will modify a little bit the packages for next year, in adding a more advance camp, for the teens who already tried our basic camps » said the museum’s director.

Karting Summer Camps of Gilles-Villeneuve museum are for youngsters, boys and girls, between 11 and 17 years old. To get more information, call the museum’s team at the 1-800-639-0103.

Finally, here are some pictures of our 2006 camps.

August 11 2006

Still some places available for the karting activity with Jacques Villeneuve!

source: Gilles-Villeneuve Museum

With the strong success of the karting camps for youngsters, Gilles-Villeneuve museum presents a karting activity for adults on  September  9-10, 2006.

The original package includes lodging at the Days Inn of Berthierville,  continental breakfast at the hotel, a supper at restaurant Mikes Signature owned by Museum friend Guy Lafleur.

It also fetures participation by Jacques Villeneuve, brother of the legendary F1 driver Gilles Villeneuve, as instructor, a commented visit of the museum, souvenirs ... and over 100 laps on the Pointe-du-Lac  karting complex.

Precious information and training

During this activity presented by the Gilles-Villeneuve museum, the participants will receive precious advice from Jacques Villeneuve, one of the most experimented Quebec driver. The ex-driver of the Indy Series, many times Champion in Formula Atlantic and actual Snowmobile Champion (in the Eastern Pro Tour) will be with the group for the duration of the adults karting camps.

A friendly championship is included of the event. The three fastest will receive a trophy! The participants will learn karting using the 6,5hp karts than they will be invited to drive the more powerful 9hp.

The package is 395$, including taxes. Part of this amount is a donation to the Gilles-Villeneuve museum ant its Foundation Formula 27.

The number of places available is limited to 12, confirmation is based on first come first served. It is also possible to participate for the karting day only, at a reduced price of 295$  taxes included.

To participate  or to obtain more information, call the 1-800-639-0103 or visit the museum official web site at:

July 26 2006

The museum and its new exhibits
An appreciated Visit

During this summer, there are many visitors here, at the Gilles-Villeneuve museum. And the race fans that stop at Berthierville, the hometown of Gilles Villeneuve, speak very highly of the museum.
The two new exhibits – “ From Berthierville to Maranello” tell when Gilles arrived in the Scuderia Ferrari, and “Green Flag” , a tribute to the flagmen, those volunteers on the side of the race tracks – are certainly the reason of it. And don’t forget the amazing collection on the Villeneuve Family, Gilles, Jacques his brother and Jacques his son.

France, England, Italy...

“Amazing! A beautiful historical page to don’t forget “, commented Fabian Felley from Switzerland. Same thing for the Dusermard family, from France : “Beautiful museum. The history is always intact. A lot of Emotions! “

The word “emotion” always come back in the museum’s guest book. Gilles Villeneuve gave so many emotions to his fans in his too short career.

Jacques, his son, in winning the 500 Miles at Indianapolis in 1995, than the F1 World Championship in 1997, entered in the motor racing legend.

Jacques, brother of Gilles, still winner of snowmobile championship, is also into Quebec’s motor racing history.

So much talent in that family!

For Keith and Ann Bother, from Australia, saw in visiting the museum “ an excellent tribute to Gilles”. The Stremplat family from Germany, qualify of very interesting the museum’s visit. Vincent from France added : “so many souvenirs for an F1 passionate!”

They are from England, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and even from Uruguay, United States, Turkey, Australia, Japan... And they all stop at Berthierville, to remember this legendary driver, or to discover who was Gilles Villeneuve.

To Discover

During the holidays, it is a good occasion to visit the Gilles-Villeneuve museum and its new exhibits, and also a good time to visit Berthier, “the Villeneuve country”, and its other attractions : the beautiful Islands of Berthier, the Bicycle circuit using the service of passing boat, the “Chemin du Roy” or King Road that follow the St-Laurent River, the music Festival of August 3-4-5-6 , the Cuthbert Chapel which is an historical place, the nice marina... and more !

To take fully advantage of the Berthier area, you can contact the Days Inn, museum’s partner, at the 1-888-FORMULE1. Ask a package “ Two Legends” including the visit at the museum and a meal at the restaurant Mike’s of the hockey legend Guy Lafleur...

The Gilles-Villeneuve museum is open every day, from 9h a.m. to 9h p.m. in July and from 9h a.m. to 5h p.m. the rest of the year. For more information : 1-800-639-0103 

July 19 2006

Museum and Karting
Some action and events!

The Gilles-Villeneuve museum continue again its implication in the Karting discipline.

The Berthierville museum collaborated last week-end, at Quebec City, to their first Karting Grand Prix. The museum exposed the 1974 Atlantic Formula of Gilles Villeneuve, on the site of the Grand Prix.



The General Manager of the museum, Alain Bellehumeur, also participated at the media race, one of the promotional event of the Grand Prix that took place just beside the Colisée of Quebec. He also meet the young Pierre-Alexandre Labonté, karting driver, that wear during the race a similar helmet and suit to Gilles Villeneuve’s equipment. His father, Damien, has always been a great fan of Gilles. It shows how the passion, in motor racing, is transmitted from father to son...


And at Thetford

Last Saturday, the museum also share its time with a Thetford Mines’ organism, Le Havre, for the Karting Day on the beautiful track of Thetford Mines. During this activity, the Genera Manager of the museum meet the owner of the site, Claude Gosselin, that let his try a Formula 125 on the amazing track. Something to get you scared a little bit!

Jacques Villeneuve was also in the event, to give some particular lessons to some donators. Le Havre and the museum split the benefits of the day.

Summer Camp

Finally, we still have some places left for the museum’s Karting camps in August. Those camps, that are at their sixth anniversary are for the kids from 11 to 16 years old. Jacques Villeneuve, chief instructor, share his enormous experience with the young in motor racing. That what’s making the camps an unique experience!

The next camp will be on the 7,8 and 9 of August. The fourth and last camp is planned on August 13,14 and 15. Each camps regroup approximately ten teens . For more information, or to reserve your place, phone the 1-800-639-0103 

A camp for adults is planned on September 10 and 11...

July 19 2006

A Membership Card of the Museum for Jacques!

While he meet Jacques Villeneuve in the paddocks of the United-States Grand Prix, a couple of days ago, the General Manager of the Gilles-Villeneuve museum, Alain Bellehumeur, made a surprise to the BMW Sauber driver, giving him the membership card of the Berthierville museum dedicated to his father!

“Jacques had just signed many collection items for our next banquet, items that will be on the museum’s auction, when I told his that I had a gift for him. So I presented his a membership card of the Museum. I wanted to give it directly to him, and until that moment I couldn’t. When he looked to the picture on the card, Jacques couldn’t hide that he was very surprised.” explained the museum’s director, very happy to have made Jacques smile.

How to explain the Driver’s reaction ? The membership card of the Gilles-Villeneuve museum is special since it’s remember the first victory of Gilles Villeneuve in F1, during the Canada grand Prix in 1978. Jacques, little boy, is with his father, beside his grand-parents Georgette and Seville, his uncle Jacques and his mother Joan. It is an historical picture taken by a Berthierville photographer, Gaétan Savignac...
The museum’s director also told Jacques : “This card gives you the access to the museum... but you know that you are always welcome in Berthierville. It will please us to greet you and your new wife, when you will pass...”

The gift of the card has been immortalised with... a one-time-use camera ! It really shows that nothing was planned!

Jacques Villeneuve is now a member of the Gilles-Villeneuve museum. Officially !
The rave fans can also be a part of the museum’s team. They are invited to join the crew in becoming honorary members of the museum. The 2006 membership campaign continue under the presidency of our ambassadors
: Normand Legault, Pierre Houde, Bertrand Godin, Didier Schraenen et Gino Rosato.
To become a member of the Gilles-Villeneuve museum, visit the web site at the, or contact the museum’s team at the 1-800-639-0103.

To become a member of the museum, it is to perpetuate the memory of Gilles Villeneuve, to keep it alive through the years and the generations!
Lets mention in conclusion that the Gilles-Villeneuve museum is open in July from 9h a.m. to 7h p.m. every day. The normal schedule will come back in August, from 9h a.m. to 5h p.m. every day. So, why not come see the museum during the summer? Two new exhibits are waiting for you : “From Berthierville to Maranello” and Green Flag”. Good Summer!

July 6 2006

Jacques Villeneuve at Thetford Mines 

Jacques Villeneuve, brother of the legendary F1 driver, Gilles Villeneuve, will be at the Karting Thetford on July 15 at noon, for the third edition of the Karting Day which the benefits go to the organism Le Havre. 

Organised in collaboration with the Karting Thetforfd and the Gilles-Villeneuve museum Foundation from Berthierville, the event will give the chance to race fans to benefit of kart lessons given by Jacques Villeneuve that has over 30 years of experience in race. For only 40$, people can receive an initiation class of Karting of 30 minutes. After, they will be able to put them in practice directly on the track ! 

The profits of its activity will be separated between the Museum’s Foundation and the organism Le Havre. Moreover, the Karting Thetford director, Philippe Gosselin, will give a percentage of all the benefits of the day to the two non-profit-making organism.  

All the enterprises and the people are invited to reserve their place with Karting Thetford.  

During the day, hot-dogs and corns will be sold and the Gilles-Villeneuve museum will produce an exhibit on the legendary F1 driver. In the evening, the group « Les Patriotes » will make their show. So lets meet on July 15, or if it rains on July 16, at the Karting Thetford !

Karting Camps For The Young

On The Track... With The Museum’s Team 

The summer camps of the Gilles-Villeneuve museum started on the last week-end at the Pointe-du-Lac track, with Jacques Villeneuve, the chief instructor of this very popular activity. 

These camps are for the 11 to 16 years old, boys and girls. Three other camps are planned for the 2006 summer. The camp #2 will start on July 9-10-11. Two other camps are scheduled in august : the 7-8-9 and the 13-14-15. 

Fun and Advises 

During all the camps, Jacques Villeneuve, driver that touched to the F1 world, the Indy Series, many times champion of the Atlantic Formula series and the 2005-2006 winner of the Eastern Pro Tour snowmobile races, gives advises to the young drivers of the camps.

The package of 3 days and 2 nights includes the lodging at the Days Inn of Berthierville, the commented visit of the Gilles-Villeneuve museum, all the meals, the transport to the track, theorical and practical sessions at the Pointe-du-Lac karting track, souvenirs of this unique experience... and even more !

To get more information on our camps (There is still some places), you have two choices : visit the museum’s web site at the , or contact the museum’s team at the 1-800-639-0103. 

Finally, the Gilles-Villeneuve museum wants to mention the implication of its partners in the success of the Karting Camps : Days Inn de Berthierville, Mike’s Guy Lafleur restaurant, McDonald’s restaurant of Berthierville, IGA Berthierville, Karting Pointe-du-Lac and Wasteco company which offers the souvenir medals  given to the young of the camps.

June 12 2006

An invitation for the young and the adults

A karting camp with Jacques Villeneuve 

For the sixth year, the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum invites the 12 to 16 years old teens to its Karting Camps. An unique experience... since they will have for instructor Jacques Villeneuve! 

The adults are not put aside, the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum also planned a camp of karting for the 18 years old and older !

Brother of the legendary Formula 1 driver Gilles Villeneuve, Jacques offers to the participants of this camp his precious advises. 2005 and 2006 Eastern Pro-Tour champion (snowmobile), Jacques Villeneuve has more than thirty years of experience in motor racing, including Atlantic Formula, Formula 1 and the Indy championship, in which he is the first Canadian to win.


For the young 

For the young, theoretical and practical sessions are planned. The major part of the program is on the track. Over a hundred laps at the Pointe-du-Lac track by day.

The goal of the camps : to enjoy the participants, that they discover the world of the motor sports, that they advantage of Jacques Villeneuve to become better... and everything with a Grand-Prix atmosphere! 

The young drivers will stay at the Berthierville Days Inn. All the camps is under the motor racing theme. Video games competitions, guided visit of the Gilles-Villeneuve museum, races of a F1 simulator, friendly competition on the track for mini cars are at the program. 

The package includes the karting, the transport to the track, the meals, the hotel, the museum’s visit... and a lot of surprises ! 

In 2006, four camps are scheduled. Two in July : the 2-3-4 and the 9-10-11. Two are in August : the 7-8-9 and the 13-14-15. 

The number of places is limited. Each camps regroup between 12 and 15 teens. The formation is very personalised. And it is the only camps who have as chief instructor a member of the famous Villeneuve family ! 

For the adults 

The camp for adults offers the night at the Days Inn of Berthierville, the healthy breakfast at the hotel, a super at the restaurant Mike’s Signature Guy Lafleur, the commented museum’s visit... and of curse more than 100 laps at the track of the karting Pointe-du-Lac, under the supervision of Jacques Villeneuve.

Furthermore, the participants will use 6,5 and 9 HP karts. Trophies will be given at the end of a friendly championship. A receipt for income taxes, for the part “donation to the museum” will also be handed to the participants. The number of places is limited to 15 drivers. A first camp is planned on the September 9 and 10. Other camps could be added if there is enough demands. 

Remember that those camps help the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum to finance its activities. 

 For more information, compose the 1-800-639-0103 or the 450-836-2714. It is also possible to learn more about the Karting Camps in visiting the museum web site :

So, ready for the action ? This summer, young and a little bit less young, take the steering with the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum.

June 12 2006

Golf and racing fans at Berthier 

Success of the 10th tournament of the museum... under the rain ! 

The 10th edition of Gilles-Villeneuve museum golf tournament, sponsored by Auto Art Canada was a real success, even if the rain came to disturb the activity, on Thursday June 8, on the course of the Berthier Club. 

More than 100 people participated to this financing activity. Jacques Villeneuve, brother of the legendary Gilles, was among the golfers, along with Bertrand Godin and Didier Schraenen, co-presidents of our 2006 financing campaign at the museum. For the dinner, the guests also met Georgette Villeneuve, mother of Jacques and Gilles, and Joan Villeneuve that had just arrive from Europe to assist at the wedding of her son Jacques... 


During the evening, Didier Schraenen animated  (once again!) the auction that benefits the museum’s activities. The main piece offered to the fans was a original Renault F1 exhaust pipe, a very rare piece that finally was sold 1500$ ! 

As a guest speaker, the marketing director of the young Laval company, Processia Solutions, Vincent Fraser explained how the Quebec company specialised in computer science became partner of the Renault F1 team. The president of Processia Solutions, Marc Allard, and other members of the team also played in the tournament. 

This 10th edition of the Gilles-Villeneuve museum golf tournament brought in close to $10,000 profits. This success will help the museum in Berthierville to pursue its mission, to perpetuate the memory of Gilles Villeneuve through the years and the future generations. 

Finally, here is the list of the museum’s partners for the 10th edition of our golf tournament. Please don’t hesitate to encourage them !

Major Sponsor : Auto Art Canada  

Major Partners : RDS, Days Inn Berthier, Days Inn Quebec, Grand Prix de Trois-Rivière, Hotel de la Montagne, Cogeco Cable,, Savico, Caisse Desjardins de Berthier / Les Iles, Voyages Grand Prix Horizon, Karting Pointe-du-lac, RPM Car Club, Processia Solutions, François Lebrun / les Eaux Amaro and finally Kart-O-Mania. 

Sponsors : Fairmont Reine Elisabeth, Groupe EBI, Boucherie Jacques Forget, Landry Inc., the Golf Club of Berthier, Gestion Perro, Fréchette Avocats, Claude Letrage, Karting PSL, St-Pi-Air réfrigération, Berthier deputy Alexandre Bourdeau and Parquets Dubeau. 

To everyone, thank you !

See you next year for a special edition of the golf tournament, commemorating the 25th anniversary of Gilles Villeneuve’s fatal accident in Zolder.

May 25 2006

You can win a VIP F1 night with the champion !
A Renault F1 partner at the Golf Tournament of the Museum! 

The 10th edition of the Gilles-Villeneuve museum golf tournament in coming back as fast as a Formula 1... we could even say at the speed of Renault F1 !

During the evening we will talk about the Renault F1 team’s splendid season, about Fernando Alonso’s  championship... and the participation of a Laval business to the world championship quest. After the tournament, Vincent Fraser, the Marketing Director Processia Solutions, will talk to the participants... and fans of motor racing. He will explain the links that bring together this company from Laval, Quebec, and the  F1 world champion team.

 Moreover, during the evening, Processia Solutions and the Gilles-Villeneuve museum will give, among the many participation prizes, a special invitation for 4 people to the Renault F1 / Processia Solutions party that will be on the Friday night of the Canada Grand Prix, at the Montreal Bonsecour terrace. It is a night only “on invitation” where one of the Renault F1 driver and many crew members will be present.

Furthermore, the 2005 and 2006 Eastern Pro-Tour champion (snowmobile races), Jacques Villeneuve, also confirmed his presence at the tournament. Other guests linked to the motor racing world will also participate.

F1 Auction !

An auction, including items signed by Formula 1 driver (Jacques Villeneuve, Michael Shumacher, Kimi Raïkkönen, Fernando Alonso...) will add an F1 spirit to the event. The auction, in a marquee, will give the feeling of the Paddock Club’s inside on the Île Notre-Dame.

 «The annual golf tournament of the museum is a very important found raising event. The founds received with this tournament will help the museum’s mission of perpetuating the memory of Gilles Villeneuve, by the museum, through the years and the generations.», explained the general manager of the museum, Alain Bellehumeur. 

Presented by Auto ART Canada, this tournament with a F1 feeling, will include more than a hundred golfers next Thursday, June 8, on the nice course of the Berthierville golf club. Those players, fan of motor racing, will also have the chance to play on the course named... Villeneuve!

To inscribe yourself at the10th edition of the museum golf tournament, you need to dial the 1-800-639-0103, or the 450-836-2714. It is also possible to print your inscription form on the museum web site :

May 20 2006

Jacques was there...
Important promotion day for the museum!

The vast premises of the Adesa Montreal Company, in St-Eustache looked like a motor racing circuit on a day of a Grand Prix this week, on Wednesday.

For the occasion, the company specialized in car auctions for car dealers exclusively had chosen the theme of motor racing and asked Gilles-Villeneuve museum to be a part of the activity.


The customers of Adesa admired one F1 of the Gilles-Villeneuve museum’s collection, the B.A.R. 2000 of Jacques Villeneuve, son. They could also discuss and shake hand with Jacques Villeneuve, Gilles’ brother, 2005 and 2006 champion of the Eastern Pro-Tour series (snowmobile racing). Jacques was present with the Gilles-Villeneuve museum team all day.

Two simulators operated by Simulation F1 Cockpit allowed racing fans to test their ability on the Grand Prix of Canada Gilles-Villeneuve track... There was plenty of action!

« We are happy to have been invited to contribute to the success of this F1 theme day », said the general manager of the museum, Mr. Alain Bellehumeur when they returned to Berthierville, recalling that the expertise of the management team at the Gilles-Villeneuve museum when it comes to the organization of events connected at the motor racing was once again recognized and much appreciated!

Furthermore, the special invitation by Adesa management to have the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum present on their site for the occasion brought in more than $5000.00 in net revenue to the Museum 2006 fund raising drive.

April 17 2006

Don’t miss the 10th edition of the
Gilles-Villeneuve Museum Golf Tournament!

Help our 2006 Ambassadors (Normand Legault, Pierre Houde, Gino Rosato, Didier Schraenen and Bertrand Godin) to make a success of our fund raising campaign... don’t miss the 10th edition of the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum Golf Tournament!

All the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum team join me to invite you at the 10th edition of our Golf tournament in memory of Gilles Villeneuve presented by AutoArt Canada. An unforgettable meeting for race fans and golf fans :

-Thursday, June 8, 2006
-At the Berthier Golf Club
-Dinner under the marquee
-Auction and silent auction

Win your inscription !

You want to help the museum in this fund raising, have fun and remember this great champion that was Gilles Villeneuve ? And dispute a golf tournament on the “Villeneuve circuit”, maned in honour of our champions ?

Don’t wait! It is possible to reserve a place or a four some in calling right now to the museum, at the 1-800-639-0103 or at the 450-836-2714. The cost for one person is $127 and for a four some is $500 to take part of this event. A receipt for your income taxes, for the donation part to the museum, can be given if wanted.

Moreover, when you inscribe by phone, fax of post before April 28, you can win ... a free inscription at the tournament ! You can then obtain a credit of $127 or invite a friend !

The Museum Golf Tournament will also be accentuated by the participation of motor sport personalities, an F1 auction bringing collection items signed by Jacques Villeneuve, Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and more, and the driving lots of many wonderful participation prizes.

Fans of Golf and Motor sport, Thursday the 8th of April, it is a meeting ! All the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum team will be there for you at the Berthier Golf Club to celebrate with you this 10th anniversary...

Alain Bellehumeur,
President and General manager

April 6 2006

Do you have the new Jacques Villeneuve BMW Sauber F1 cap?

The Gilles-Villeneuve Museum F1 Boutique is happy to offer you the all new BMW Sauber F1 cap of Jacques Villeneuve !

First product available of the 2006 BMW Sauber F1 collection, the blue and white cap shows the advertising logos of the team and the embroider signature of Jacques Villeneuve

Remember that the Museum’s F1 boutique offers many discounts this spring.

Important discounts on F1 1:43 or 1:18 scale cars, on all the Team Sauber 2005 products (40%) and over a lot of other collection items.

Furthermore, when you purchase your F1 souvenirs at the museum’s boutique, you encourage our team to continue our mission of perpetuating the memory of this great champion, Gilles Villeneuve, through the future years and generations !

To order: 1-800-639-0103 or 450-836-2714. Or go to

April 6 2006

Didier Schraenen, president of honour

Don’t miss the Fenêtre Magistral / Gilles-Villeneuve Museum Rally 2006!

To all the fans of car Rally. The second edition of the Gilles-Villeneuve Rally will steel the show on next Sunday, May 7.

All the team of the museum is happy to be able to count on the implication of Fenêtre Magistral, a dynamic company of Blainville, as the main official sponsor of the event.

With the theme, “Our Windows Over the Museum”, this rally occurs the same day of one of our traditions , the Open House at the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum. Nice occasion to also visit our two new exhibitions inside the museum : «From Berthierville to Maranello» and «Green Flag».

The Rally 2006 president of honour has been given to a friend of the museum, Didier Schraenen ( Radio Énergie , NAPA / RDS). Didier will take the wheel of his Miata for this event.

Like in the first edition, the rally will be divided in four categories : autosports clubs, experts, novices and family.

The Flagworld Communication crew take in charge for a second year the technical aspect of the rally.

The inscription fees, $27 by car, in memory of Gilles Villeneuve and his last Ferrari, will help the museum to succeed its current 2006 found raising.

To subscribe to the rally, compose the 1-800-639-0103 or the 450-836-2714. And since the places are limited on the starting line, hurry up !


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